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Brands Aren't Just for Business

Why is your personal brand a key component of your success?

Have you ever wished you could write a book or have a great talent that would get you interviewed on the Today Show, The View, Good Morning America, or Live! with Kelly? Would you like your book or talent to open doors for you that right now you can only dream about? Now, you can become as famous as you want to be.

What do you REALLY know about branding?

Branding seems to be a subject that is shrouded in mystery. You will hear all the way from, “You don’t need to have a brand to get started,” to the other extreme, “Don’t even print a business card until you’ve got a brand.” They can’t both be right, so what are the facts?

Fact # 1 — Yes, you need a brand.

Fact # 2 — Most brands are useless.

Fact # 3 — Negative brands are difficult to overcome.

Your brand — for you individually as well as for your business if you have one — must reflect who you are at the very core. That is why we teach branding differently from everyone else we have ever read, met, or studied with, in one extremely important way — we teach you the principles of branding so that your brand comes from within yourself, instead of being applied to you like a cheap sticky-backed name-tag at a networking event.

Your brand has to be congruent with who you are from the inside out. Your brand has to be something you are proud to be identified with and that reflects your whole persona. This includes your personality, your appearance, your life philosophy, your approach to business and how you serve others. Your brand needs to express what your client gets when entering into a relationship with you. It needs to express what makes you unique!

Everyone actually has a brand, whether they know it or not. The labels people apply to you will become your brand if you do not intentionally work to create your own. This is especially damaging for children when negative labels are applied by parents, teachers and peers. You need a brand whether you are an adult or a student, an employee or an entrepreneur. With our "Who? to Wow!" branding process, the people you want to have influence with will no longer ask, "Who is that?" Instead their response will be, "Wow! Tell me more!"

At Branding, not only do we unlock your branding mysteries — we teach you how to effectively use your brand as part of a greater marketing strategy. Whether you have a product, a service, or an idea that you are passionate about, or you want to ensure that your personal brand is right for finding exactly the job you are looking for in your career field, our helping hands will enable your brand to get the people you want to reach searching for YOU to find you and to have them enter into a long-term relationship with you.

When you sign up for your FREE copy of the Unlocking Branding Mysteries audio lesson, you also allow us to contact you when we have complimentary webinars, teleseminars or other opportunities that will help you establish and maintain the integrity of your brand. You will have instant access to printable handouts and previous teleseminars Dr. Marlene and Jackie have conducted on branding.

If you are ready to move to a different stage in your business-life or want protect your child’s future by preventing negative labels from being attached, developing the right brand is a first step toward that goal!




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"I am an ex-President of a customer relationships management software development firm, and continuously study customer relationship, client management, marketing and technology.  I can honestly say that Dr. Marlene has provided a primer that covers all the basics that are necessary to have an effective online business."

~ Bruce Brinick



"I just wanted to Thank-you!  I have owned my own business for over 15 years and I learned more in one hour from you about smart cost efficient ways to grow my business than I have learned in many seminars put together.  Your distinctive teaching style and unique ideas are priceless!"

~ Donna Mixon
Owner of MD Resort



" I have to tell you, these ladies really have the inside track to helping you get more out of the internet and every bit of marketing that you're doing. "

~ Pat Dougher
Dougher Success Marketing Systems
Done For You Marketing For Businesses
TV show host of Learning from Leaders



Our friend paid a high-dollar “Marketing Coach” mega bucks and didn’t get even the basics of what you teach in your course.  Thank you Dr. Marlene and Jackie, for being so practical and thorough.

~ Jeff Clark
Bremen, IN