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What really is branding?

How can your brand affect what you do and how well you do it?

What can we at do for you?

Branding is a fun and insightful subject — it requires knowing yourself and being willing to be true to yourself. So much of branding is based on trying to be something you think others want you to be or trying to be somebody you are not. Dr. Marlene and Jackie guide you through our "Who? to Wow!" process of self-discovery that will help your future be more successful.

A powerful congruent brand allows you to live in harmony with yourself. Dr. Marlene and Jackie can help you discover the brand that makes you feel consistent with yourself. Dr. Marlene developed the proprietary "Who? to Wow!" branding process that is both fun and yields a powerful result. During more than 20 years of consulting and speaking experience, Dr. Marlene crafted a unique "Million Dollar List" of questions as one of the tools that she and Jackie use to help unlock the mysteries of branding for you.

Even if you currently work for a company that has a brand, you need to brand yourself, whether your goal is to go up the corporate ladder, to take the leap toward entrepreneurialism, or to demonstrate your identity as more than just a role you play on the job. Dr. Marlene is known for recognizing the missing ingredients in a person’s thinking that keep them from maximum success. Let her help you communicate to the world the value you have to offer through establishing your brand.

Negative brands are difficult to overcome. Brand strategy is not about making stuff up or changing who you are, it is about ensuring that the full beauty of all of the positive and beneficial aspects that are already there can be seen by others.


Dr. Marlene McMillan

Discover the most knowledgable, wise, and Biblically-based business, marketing, and branding genius of our time!

Dr. Marlene is known for taking valuable information that others neglect to teach and demonstrating immediate application to the lives of her listeners. Her precise definitions and teaching from Principle allow for concepts to be easily understood by everyone.

By beginning with the idea that everyone needs a personal brand, regardless of what they do in life, Dr. Marlene is able to combine her unique background in ministry and business consulting to help individuals and business create an identity and brand that is congruent with who they are and that is consistent with their values. By applying the Principles of Biblical thinking and reasoning, she has created an internal-to-external approach to branding that works for the individual as well as businesses.

In pursuit of her passion to understand how the Bible applies to everyday life and cultural things such as law, government, history, economics, and education, Dr. Marlene earned an M.Div. from seminary and a D.Min. with emphasis in Church and State Relations. In addition to lobbying extensively for educational liberty, doing town hall debates, media interviews, public speaking, hosting weekly radio programs, she has owned and operated a financial business seminar company and currently owns Congruency Consulting with a focus on Branding and Internet Marketing.


Jackie Newbrough

Jackie Newbrough, completed her Doctoral course work and exams in Education at Oral Roberts University. She was the national training manager for the first computer development company to offer the integration of database management and word processing. While the computer teacher at a Christian school, she wrote “Bible Type,” a computer typing curriculum, developed a math manipulative system and was an educational diagnostician.

Jackie teaches workshops, runs an Internet Marketing company, and is a business consultant. She is passionate about helping others understand their identity and Kingdom purpose.





"I am an ex-President of a customer relationships management software development firm, and continuously study customer relationship, client management, marketing and technology.  I can honestly say that Dr. Marlene has provided a primer that covers all the basics that are necessary to have an effective online business."

~ Bruce Brinick



"I just wanted to Thank-you!  I have owned my own business for over 15 years and I learned more in one hour from you about smart cost efficient ways to grow my business than I have learned in many seminars put together.  Your distinctive teaching style and unique ideas are priceless!"

~ Donna Mixon
Owner of MD Resort



" I have to tell you, these ladies really have the inside track to helping you get more out of the internet and every bit of marketing that you're doing. "

~ Pat Dougher
Dougher Success Marketing Systems
Done For You Marketing For Businesses
TV show host of Learning from Leaders



Our friend paid a high-dollar “Marketing Coach” mega bucks and didn’t get even the basics of what you teach in your course.  Thank you Dr. Marlene and Jackie, for being so practical and thorough.

~ Jeff Clark
Bremen, IN